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    May to October


    9 hours



The program begins with a bus transportation, from the hotel to Ormos Panagias, situated in N-E of the Sithonian peninsula in Halkidiki. From this seaport we will continue our journey, sailing towards the south of the Athos Peninsula, until we reach its point, where the highest peak is 2,033m. From there we sail north, along the western coast. You will be able to see from a close distance (from the boat), the mystic and miraculous place which has been. for centuries. the center of Orthodoxy and you will learn the history of the Mount Athos and 8 of its monasteries. After approximately 4 hours we shall stop in Ouranoupoli, where we will have enough free time to tour the village, take a walk, rest or to have a traditional meal in one of its taverns. The cruise will end in Ormos Panagias, where the bus will be waiting to drive you back to your hotel.


*Athos is the center of Eastern Christian Orthodox Monasticism. Set in an area of out-standing natural beauty, it is a treasury which houses and guards many artifacts and monuments of religious, national and artistic value. It is also a “workshop” where reli-gious arts and crafts are still practiced to this day, and where deep and genuine spirit-uality is allowed to flourish and bear fruit. As an institution Mount Athos is, and has been, the chief standard bearer of Orthodox Christianity.

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