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    April to October


    7,5 hours



Spending a day on a cruise visiting the beautiful peninsula of Sithonia is a lifetime experience. This boat trip starts from the port of Nikiti, a lively village in Halkidiki. You are going to tour the beautiful area by boat and swim in its clear waters surrounded by beautiful bays and landscapes. Our next stop will be at Neos Marmaras*, a charming area, where you will have enough time for a coffee or shopping. And finally, at Kelifos Island, the perfect place to swim and snorkel, where you can jump into the water straight from the boat and have a traditional Greek lunch. This island is not inhabited and its shape is similar to that of a turtle. The cruise offers you unique moments and relaxation, often accompanied by seagulls and dolphins, while listening to the pleasant Greek music (bouzouki). Don’t forget to take your cameras, because all beaches are unique.


Neos Marmaras, was founded in 1922 by refugees that came from the island of “Marmaras” in Asia Minor. Before then the area belonged to the Grigoriou Monastery of Mt. Athos. Today, to the east of the village, the monastery buildings, erected around 1905, are still standing, as well as the church of the Assumption of the Virgin, built in 1865. Because of the rapid development, the inhabitants of Parthenonas, an old village at the foot of Mt. Itamos, merged with Neos Marmaras in 1970 and created the western section of today’s village.

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