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    May to mid October


    9 hours



Live a unique experience choosing this cruise, which combines enjoyment and swimming in the blue waters of Halkidiki and includes a visit to the unique place of Mount Athos. This boat trip gives you a chance to see this spiritual place, while having moments of tranquility. The program starts with transportation from the hotel to the port of Ormos Panagias. From there the boat will sail towards four monasteries of Mount Athos. The guests will have the opportunity to see the holy place with its monasteries, from the boat. Next stop is Drenia islands*. This beautiful island complex, where guests can swim into the crystal-clear, blue waters and have their lunch on the beach. This cruise is a wonderful experience!


Drenia islands. The six islands that make up Drenia are actually more like two islands and four rocky crags that rise from the sea. The small islands help to form a ring that surrounds an elevated sandy sea floor and makes a large shallow swimming basin. The main island is Drenia. Which consists of two forested hills that have cliffs on three sides, but on the lagoon side, there is a lovely, fine sand beach. The next island in the group is called Penna. It is slightly smaller in size than Drenia and from high up it pre-sents the unmistakable shape of an hourglass where all the sand clings like a belt to both sides of its narrow waist. This island is a short swim from Drenia and easy to reach.

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