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Welcome to Halkidiki

Halkidiki is located in Northern Greece, south of Thessaloniki. Sithonia is the middle peninsula of Halkidiki, located between the Kassandra peninsula on the west and the Athos peninsula on the east. The area is a fantastic luxury holiday destination for those looking for hidden blue flag awarded beaches, boat trips, visits to archaeological sites, traditional villages and extreme sports. With its varied terrain of hills, pine forests and the spectacular Mount Athos, there is plenty for you to see and do.


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The wonderful combination of mountains and sea, luscious vegetation and natural beauty provides access to a variety of activities, catering for all tastes and interests. The geophysical diversity of the region, encourages a large range of options and suggestions designed to explore this beautiful place.


cruise the crystal clear blue waters of Halkidiki

In Greece, each and every summer day feels like a festival.
Sithonia is welcoming, bright, colorful and generously offers its fabulous treasures to everyone. Its intense natural beauty, with pine trees meeting beaches, charming fishing villages springing up between coves and scenic bays, makes it the most picturesque peninsula of Halkidiki. Coastlines as far as the eye can see, crystal-clear waters, organized cruises and water activities are just few of what the region has to offer. You are welcome!


educational trips in northern Greece

Apart from its natural beauty, Halkidiki is scattered with archeological sites and locations of significant value which are visited by thousands of people, every year. In addition, guests have access to package tours to the outer region, giving them the opportunity to explore beautiful Greece, which is full of ancient monuments and mythological areas where history harmoniously blends with legend.


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Sithonia, with remarkable territorial diversity, inexhaustible natural resources, its particular local characteristics and traditions, forms a rare mosaic of representations, images and experiences, creating a blessed place. Here, the lovers of authenticity, unexplored and unpretentious tourism can enjoy what nature lavishly offers.


tasting and cooking the Greek cuisine

The variety of Mediterranean products meets the delicious Greek cuisine, which combines the traditional with the new, creating a wonderful culinary proposal for everyone. We invite you to experience with us the Greek flavors through the centuries, accompanied by local beverages.

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