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During the spread of Christianity, Apostle Paul passed from the Peninsula’s limits going towards Thessaloniki. So visitors have the chance to follow his steps even in Halkidiki. In Beach Elia, where Acrotel is based, visitors are given the opportunity to visit the ruins of an early Christian basilica, which was excavated in 1971. In documents dating back to 1300, this basilica is stated as the old church of the Apostles Peter and Paul. Beyond the area of Beach Elia, just across the peninsula of Kassandra and in the southern region, in Fokaia, you will find the Holy Water of the Apostle Paul. According to one version of the tradition, Apostle Paul prosecuted by Cassandrian pagans fled into the cave, where he preached and secretly immersed young Christians in the Holy Water tank. From this cave begins a low 10-meter long and approximately 80 cm wide corridor, that leads to a small and open container of Holy Water. There is a dark rectangular room to its right that visitors can stand upright. The other version says it is a Macedonian tomb. At some point in history, this space was a small early Christian church, decorated with frescoes and monograms. You have the opportunity to visit the site on foot or by car. Though walking will make for a far more memorable experience, following the footsteps of Apostle Paul.

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