• TYPE

    Bus excursion


    Whole season


    11,5 hours



We depart for Dion, religious center of the Ancient Macedonians, dedicated to the Olympian god, Zeus. It lies on the foot of the famous Mount Olympus, the mythical home of the Greek Gods. In Dion, Alexander the Great offered rich sacrifices to the Gods before leaving for his legendary expedition to Asia. First stop is at the archaeo-logical site and the museum. We continue towards the traditional village of Litochoro. We will have time to tour this picturesque village and walk in the valley of Enipeas, situated on the low slopes of the Mount Olympus.


*Litochoro is a traditional village that stretches up the mountainside of Olympus’ high-est peak (Mytikas, 2,918 m.). Yet Litochoro is only a few kilometres away from the sea which makes it the perfect tourist destination any time of the year! This pictur-esque town was built following the traditional architecture of Macedonia and the varia-tions of lush vegetation surrounding it, enhance the area’s aesthetic harmony. The settlement dates back to the 14th century. According to descriptions by foreign and Greek travellers at that time, the majority of residents were mariners and there were also many textile workshops in town.

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