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    Bus excursion


    Whole season


    8 hours



Year 2016 marked the 2400th birth anniversary of the great Greek philosopher and UNESCO has declared the same year as the anniversary year of Aristotle! The visit to the Aristotle’s park and the village of Arnaia, is a memorable cultural experience. For a relaxing day start, you will enjoy a refreshment while savoring the captivating views and immersing yourself into the famous philosopher’s history. Your next stop is the beautiful and historic village of Arnea and the Claudia Papagianni’s winery, where we have included a delicious wine tasting. You will have the chance to inspect two Museums in Arnea (Historical-Folklore & Weaving) and then leave the traditional village taking some souvenir products and honey from local producers. The tour concludes with lunch in the village of Pyrgadikia.


*Arnaia village. Liarigkova, named Arnaia in 1928, is mentioned for the first time in a document, in late 14th century, as a dependency of Konstamonitou monastery of Mount Athos. The village seems to have been created by farmers of the dependency around the well of the age-old plane tree that is located in the main square. The water flows through the tree’s body and -according to tradition- whoever drinks it will marry a woman born in Arnaia! In the district of Gannoudena, south of the main square, you will come across the famous Iatrou mansion operating as the Historical-Folklore mu-seum of Arnaia and the Weaving museum. This district has the most remarkable tra-ditional houses, painted in various colors. They were built after the 1821 disaster.

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