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    Bus excursion


    Whole season


    15 hours



A visit to the Meteora Monasteries will be a highlight of your stay in Greece. Meteora is a unique geological miracle, which one should see for himself in order to believe. Nowadays, only six monasteries are well preserved and four of them are still inhabited. We shall visit 2 of these fabulous monasteries, built high upon the steep rocks. Each monastery owns a vast variety of frescoes and icons. Afterwards, we will take our lunch break in Kalabaka. Our last stop will be in the Valley of Tempi, and then we will return to the hotel.


In order to enter the monasteries of Meteora appropriate clothing is required. Women must not wear short skirts and must wear long sleeved clothing. Men are not allowed to wear shorts.
Meteora. The gigantic rocks of Meteora are perched above the town of Kalabaka, at a maximum height of 400 m (1200 ft.). The most interesting summits are decorated with historical monasteries, included in the World Heritage List of Unesco. Only 6 of them have made it through the centuries, from an initial estimated number of 24. Mostly dating to the 14th and until the 16th century, these monasteries were built by monks who were previously hermits in the area, living in individual caves. Once unit-ed, these monks took months and years to carry the construction material to the top of these rocks, using ropes, folding ladders, nets and baskets, and with much deter-mination.

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