• TYPE

    Bus excursion


    Whole season


    8 hours



Departing from the hotel we begin our excursion towards the cave of Petralona. The cave was discovered in 1959 by local villagers and within it a very well preserved human skull was found. This skull is the oldest human remain found to date, in the Greek region, and the cave is considered to be one of the earliest archaeological sites in Europe. Our visit includes the inspection of the museum next to the cave. We continue our tour by visiting the traditional village of Galatista as well as the “Anthemous” winery, which produces ‘raki’ and ‘ouzo’, with product tasting and receiving a souvenir of the presentation. After that, we will visit the local traditional Tower, dated from the Byzantine era and a historic point of the mountain village. The guests can have lunch in the local traditional tavern overlooking the beautiful central square of Galatista village.


*Galatista’s original name was Anthemous. Anthemous or Anthemus was a district, a lake and a city of ancient Macedonia, situated to the southwest of Mygdonia. The area is first mentioned when Amyntas I of Macedon offered it to Hippias, son of Athenian tyrant Pisistratus. Hippias refused it and Iolcos as well, the Thessalian offer, as Amyntas probably did not possess Anthemous at that time, but was merely suggesting a plan of joint occupation to Hippias. Peroidas commanded the cavalry squadron of Hetairoi from Anthemous in the campaign of Alexander.

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